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About Us
Römer and Bechtel was founded in 1864 in the northern German port city of Bremen. Due to Bremen’s long trading history, we started our business in the field of trading raw materials mainly in the food sector such as raw tobacco and coffee beans.

As quality was almost our highest priority, we made sure ourquality was always on a similar high level by extensive travel to the manufacturing countries. We monitored the harvest very closely and helped the local farmers with their know how in growing the best crops in order to get the best output. The raw materials were then shipped and stocked worldwide, where they then have been sold on national and international raw material stocks markets. It did not take long and the tobacco and coffee beans get well-known and our business expanded in other raw materials such as spices from all over the world.

Our spices were not only sold as spices, but also filled in grinders and shakers in order to give the customers the utmost usage possibility they preferred. Until now we followed our strict philosophy and further invested in innovative new spice dispensers and grinders which we are developed with an innovative partner in the Far East.

In the future the spice market will continue to offer wide variety on spices and their preparation and this will become our strong focus for the years to come.